10 Cute Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

An important part of your kitchen space is the kitchen counter. Inside the kitchen cabinets can be a total mess, but the kitchen counter should be always clean, organized, and decorated because you can’t hide it behind the doors and everyone can see it.

How to keep kitchen counter clean, organized, and decorated :

  1. Remove dirty dishes from the sink and kitchen counter
  2. Organize and group your kitchen stuff
  3. Hide everything you don’t use daily, you will have less to clean from dust and the counter won’t look messy.
  4. Add some flowers. Flowers always give some kind of elegance and freshness.
  5. Organize your coffe bar with aditional shelf or tray for coffee cups and other coffee equipment.
  6. Use jars to group kitchen stuff.
  7. Get yourself a round tray.
  8. Get some nice soap dispensers.

Using some of these hacks, you will get extra space, your kitchen will look nice and clean.

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Here are some of the cute kitchen counter decor ideas:

1. Use Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Jars

If you like to decorate your home using farmhouse items, this one is ideal for your kitchen. It looks really nice and it would fit every kitchen. You can place it on the kitchen countertop or on the kitchen shelf.

You can order these beautiful Rustic Vintage Farmhouse Jars here.

2. Wine Rack with Glass Holder

Wine is an indispensable part of any party, romantic dinner, or cozy night so stop hiding your wine collection in kitchen cabinets, instead, organize it using some of the wine racks and enjoy the moment.

You can order this Wine Rack with Glass Holder Here.

3. Add some Flowers

Flowers are perfect decor for any room, including the kitchen. It gives some kind of elegance and freshness. Bring some color to your kitchen by adding some flowers.

Get your perfect flowers HERE.

4. Add Fruit Basket Stand

This kind of basket stand is perfect for organizing your fruits, vegetables, or snacks. You can even use it in your bathroom to organize cosmetics or other stuff.

You can get your basket stand today.

5. Kitchen Utensil Holder

You can use this kitchen utensil holder for any kitchen gadget you want. It has rustic look and it can feet any rustic kitchen.

Order your kitchen utensil holder here.

6. Coffee Pod Carousel

Now, you don’t have to keep your coffee pods everywhere, you just need a coffee pod carousel. It keeps your coffee pods organized and at the same time could be a nice decoration on your kitchen counter.

Order it HERE.

7. Coffee Mug Holder Stand

Decorate your kitchen counter with a coffee mug holder stand and keep your coffee mugs ready for use for perfect mornings.

You can have your coffee mug holder stand today.

8. Add Kitchen Organizers

Using kitchen organizers you will make your kitchen counter look organized and clean. You can simply rotate it to get the item you need. From any side, anything is reachable turning around and take what you need almost instantly.

Besides organizing features, kitchen organizers will become your kitchen counter decor.

Include kitchen organizers in your kitchen counter decorations.

9. Kitchen Decor Art

Add some fun to your kitchen by placing some kitchen art.

Welcome your friends and family into your kitchen with this cute wooden eat sign.

10. Under Cabinet Lights

Make your kitchen counter decoration items stand out by adding additional lights.

Make the difference with Under Cabinet Lights.

The conclusion would be that you can use different kitchen organizers and other items as kitchen counter decorations. Transform your kitchen from simple to amazing.

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