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10 Games to Play With Your Kids in the Christmas Time

Spending time with our family is the most valuable “thing” in our lives. Somehow Christmas always reminds us of that. In this article, I bring you 10 games that you can play with your kids this Christmas.

Let’s start…

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1. Kids hands print – Christmas paintings

Image Source: Pinterest

Here are some of the ideas you can follow to make these lovely masterpieces. Ask your kid which one he/she would like to make, is it a Christmas tree, or reindeer, or Santa, or all of them 🙂

You will need:

  • Acrylic paint
  • White Cardstock or regular white paper
  • Pencil or Black felt-tip pen

2. DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Making Christmas ornaments has been some kind of tradition. Your kids will enjoy making new ornaments for a Christmas tree. If you are not a fan of kid’s ornaments on your elegant tree, you can always get a new one just for the kids and place it either in the living room or in their room. Every year you can store them in a special boy, and one day, when they grow up you can show them or give it to your grandchildren.

3. Making a Christmas cookies

Image Source: Pinterest
My son making cookies

No matter it is a boy or a girl, everyone adores making Christmas cookies. If you have some easy and delicious recipes, please leave them in a comment.

4. Paint the window

To paint window I use solid soap. With a knife, shape the soap and make the peak so you can easy create the lines and shapes on your window. If you want to make it more easier, you can always go with a Christmas Templates.

5. What is in a Santa tockings

How to play:

Place different items in a Santa stockings, and ask your kids to guess what is in a stocking without watching.

6. Christmas Puzzles

Image Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t like puzzles especially with Christmas items.

7. Candy Cane Hunt

How to play:

Hide candies all over your house, or inside one room, and ask your kids to look for them. The one who collect the most candies win.

8. Candy Cane Fising

Image Source: Pinterest

How to play:

  1. Take one candy and tie it to a stick with a ribbon or thread
  2. In one bowl, or mug, place few candy canes
  3. With a candy cane (from 1.) hook the candy canes from a bowl.

9. Move Gift Bows

How to play:

  1. Take two baskets
  2. In one backet put all the bows you have, another backet leave empty and place it at the end of the room or hall (where playing)
  3. Kid should match two same bows (for example: same color), put it in two table spoons (one each) and take it to the empty basket without dropping it from the spoon.
  4. If you have more kids, they can compete wh will transfer more bows in a limited time.

10. Making Christmas Card

If you want less stress this year, don’t think about making Christmas cards. Release this task to your kids. There is no such nice Christmas card then card made by kids ecpecially for their grandparents.

I hope you got some inspirantion on how to spend your free time with your kids this Christmas.

Write in a comment, what you play with your kids.

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