Ideas on How to Reuse Glass Jars

10 Ideas on How to Reuse Glass Jars

Sometimes you can accumulate so many glass jars of various spreads and winter food, that even when I use them again for winter food, there is a huge surplus left. Well, if the situation is the same for you, I bring you a few ideas on how to use jars so that they are useful and not a nuisance in your home.

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Glass Jars as a Decoration

Glass Jars as a Decoration

If your kids also like to collect shells on the beach, and you no longer know where to put them, simply arrange them in a jar. This kind of jar can be an ideal decoration for a bathroom or a part of the house with some kind of sea flair.

One jar, some pebbles and you get the perfect vase for flowers.

Food and spices as decoration in the kitchen. Play with colors and alternately put different foods or spices in the jar.

Create a sweet little oasis in a jar.

If you put lights in the jar, you will get a beautiful decoration for your home and yard. Ideal for traveling evenings and for the Christmas atmosphere.

Glass Jars as a place for storage

Jars are an ideal solution for preserving food. After you sterilize them or simply wash them in the washing machine, you can store lunch leftovers in them, make a fruit salad for later, etc.

A much better solution than plastic containers that sometimes attract paint and smells.

Use the jar to store makeup brushes.

What can you keep in jars: pasta, dried fruit, spices, nuts, flour…

Organize your pantry in a simple way.

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