Tiered Tray Christmas Decor Ideas

20 Tiered Tray Christmas Decor Ideas

Tiered trays have so many purposes. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms for storing small items, and you can use tiered trays as a stand for your decorations during the holidays. This time I’m bringing you tired tray Christmas decor ideas.

There is no specific rule for decorating your tiered tray for Christmas., just pick some Christmas theme (houses, candies, …) and the matching colors.

For playful decorations choose more colors like red, blue, purple…, and for more elegant pick two or three neutral colors.

Where you can place your Chrismas Tiered Tray Decor?

  1. On the dining table
  2. On the coffee table
  3. On the dresser
  4. On window ( if you have large windows)
  5. On the shelfs
  6. etc.

What you can add as decoration on your tiered tray?

  1. Coffee mugs
  2. Candles
  3. Frosted pinecones
  4. Jars
  5. Candies
  6. Red truck
  7. Trees
  8. Christmas ligts
  9. Small Christmas balls
  10. Fake snow
  11. Stars
  12. Houses
  13. Cookies
  14. Christmas signs
  15. Reindeer, Santa, Snowman…

Here are 10 Tiered Tray Christmas Decor Ideas from Amazon

Cocoa and cookies smell and taste sooo good especially over the winter and around Christmas, so why you won’t decorate your tray with cocoa mugs and cute cookies like these.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

We all recognize these little fellows, right? Christmas is not possible without them.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

Christmas is all about home, family, joy, and happiness, that’s why I love those kinds of signs everywhere in my home while decorating it for Christmas.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

Decorations you can buy HERE.

This tiered tray is so unique. You don’t have to decorate it at all, just place your tasty cookies and you will do the magic. Of course, instead of cookies, you can place other decor items like cones, Christmas lights, Christmas balls…

This cute tray you can buy HERE.

Here are 10 Tiered Tray Christmas Decor Ideas for Inspiration

White, red, and green are the Christmas colors. I like how this tray is decorated using those colors.

These are such cute mugs and I would like to have them all 🙂

Here it is, one nice decorated tray using Christmas dwarfs. We shouldn’t forget them, right?

Simple but so effective decorated Christmas tray. Wooden items are always a good choice.

Christmas dwarf at the top is TOP! Every layer is well decorated and it’s telling it’s own story.

Not just as decoration, tiered trays you can use as a Christmas gift stand. Find a nice tiered tray and fill it with the gifts for your lovely person.

This one is so cute. I like those little houses.

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