5 Different Decor Style Collages

I have decided to create five different decor style collages. Hope you will enjoy and find something that works for you, even some small detail. Even if I named those styles, maybe they don’t fit 100% to the style name you recognize, but I tried to combine some interesting decoration details around those styles, so let begin…

1. Yellow/Gold Style – Make it Shine

Gold is always fancy and is a good choice if you want to make your home look expansive, elegant and classy. Yellow and gold color, works the best with white and black decoration items. I have choose natural soft yellow colors, nothing too flashy.

2. Lovely Pink Decor Style

Actually, there is no official name for this style, it’s just pink decor style for me :). In this combination pink color works very well with gold, white and grey touches. This is something that I would choose for my girl room. I like pink tones, natural look and fancy girly items.

3. Country Style

Country style depends of the place where do you live. Usually involves wood, vintage elements and fabrics, primitive furniture and muted colors. For this style I used flower pattern sofa, old wood style photo frames and country items like this windmill.

4. Boho Decor Style

Boho style decor is a mix of relaxed, bold, and unusual items. Boho style involves natural elements and many colors, patterns, and textures. There are some specific items related just for this style.

5. Make it Classy

This is some kind of classy style. White/beige armchair with black wooden legs, elegant and unique piece of furniture like is this elephant table, silver details and pillow in blue/brown tones to bring some color to the design.

Leave a comment and let me know which of these five styles you like the most.

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