Cutest Easter Bunnies

6 Cutest Easter Bunnies

I never can’t decide which of the holidays is my favorite, is it Christmas or Easter!? One if for sure, I love to decorate my home for Christmas, for Easter, for any holiday…

I really enjoy all the traditional stuff for Easter: Coloring eggs, preparing cookies, Easter breakfast… I adore looking at kids how they searching for the presents that the “Easter Bunny” brought for them. Family meetings and spending time with my husband and son is priceless.

What all holidays have in common? It’s Shopping time 🙂 Buying decorations and gifts for the kids is something that I adore each time. I’m bringing you 6 cuties Easter Bunnies…

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1. Easter Bunny with Carrot

An amazing addition to your Easter home decoration. Display this charming tabletopper as a decoration at your Easter dinner. You can have both of these two lovely Easter bunnies or buy it separately.

2. Bunny with eggs

Decorate your desk, bookshelf, dining table, living room, hosting room, and everywhere, with these cute little bunnies.
A wonderful gift for your kids, your parents, and your friends to celebrate Easter together.

3. Bunny Candy Bowl

How cute is this one!!! This gorgeous bowl you can use for candies, cookies, or any other sweet things because this little bunny is so sweet.

4. Easter Table Decor Stand

These cute cat design adds sophistication to your home decor and brightens up your life. Best decorative addition for dressers, nightstands, bedroom, or living room. These look so elegant and sophisticated.

5. 3D Rabbit Cake Mold

This is perfect for the Easter theme but also for the kids parties and birthdays. You can make cookies or even make soaps with this mold.

6. Mommy & Baby Bunny

Mommy & baby bunny perfect decor items for your garden, patio or yard. These two are so cute, and they even glow in the dark.

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