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7 Cleaning Supplies Needed for Every House

How much time you are spending cleaning your home? I always think that I don’t spend enough even if I clean my house every day. Every day I do regular cleaning stuff – I vacuum, take care of dishes and clothes, clean cooker after making lunch, etc. Not every day but very often I clean of dust my staircase, clean of dust the whole house, change beddings, etc. Once per month, I have a big clean and I make sure to clean everything I didn’t clean over these days like kitchen cabinets, closets, refreshing carpets, etc.

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Of course, I couldn’t make my house shine if I don’t have little help – my cleaning supplies and the right tools to make cleaning more fun and faster.

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1. Cleaning Towels

I like to use cleaning towels that are soft and don’t leave any marks after I clean with them. When I say marks I think on those little towel hairs. It’s annoying to see it because you are expecting to see nice shiny surfaces and not those little things over it 🙂 The towels should be highly absorbent, non abrasive so you don’t damage surfaces.

2. Microfiber Spin Mop

This is an amazing invention. We don’t have to get our hands dirty anymore. I hated to clean my floors before. My hands were rough and dry. This is great for cleaning hardwood floors and tiles. For me, this is ideal for my staircases.

3. Trash Bags with Pleasant Scent

Why have boring trash bags when you can have a trash bag which smells good 🙂 It’s not something that will make your home smell amazing, but it can help.
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4. Drill Brush Attachment

Have you tried to use this? I just know it saves your hand and strength. You can use it for your tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain. I just hope you have a drill 🙂

5. Floor Spray Mop

Great clean hardwood floors, laminate floors, and tiles. I like the thing that you can control amount of water on your floors and I like this lovely purple color.

6. Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers

Even if you clean and take care of your furniture that still does not look nice because of some scratches? This could help you to cover those scratches and make your furniture look nice again.

7. Windows Cleaning

We should’t forget to mention the windows!

I will tell you one joke….

A woman tells her husband how their neighbor every day hangs dirty laundry every day to dry. After few days women notice that the laundry is clean and shiny now, and of course, mention that to her husband. She tells him how their neighbor finally washes the laundry right, and he told to her: “She always knew how to wash the laundry, I just clean our windows”.

Hope you found something for yourself, to make your cleaning easier and more fun. Leave a comment if you have some cleaning tips to share with us.

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