7 Inspiring Brightly Colored Kitchens

A dull kitchen probably equates to lame food. So don’t let your family members and guests think otherwise when you have them over for dinner. Even if your cooking skills barely qualify as passable, you’ll have everyone thinking you’re the best cook and host in the neighborhood with delightfully bright and blazing colors in your kitchen that reflect vitality and personality. Getting rid of the restaurant containers before your guests arrive would help too. Not sure if you dare? Let’s show you how peppy you can be…

1. Sunshine Love

Do you need some more sun in your life? Well your kitchen certainly wouldn’t lack for any. The glossy, sunshine cabinets work amazingly well with the stainless steel finishes. The candied yellow brings a sense of fun and vitality in just the right amount to make you feel like a glorious sunflower or a lemon flavored skittle.

2. Go Vibrant

Solid, white colors thrown together give vibrancy. Although the chairs and kitchen details are intense, it’s not too overwhelming in this mostly white kitchen. You either love it or you hate it. Don’t hate. It’s not fun.

3. Positively Red

This lovely kitchen is definitely red but is softly toned down by the painted white walls, black wood-grain flooring, and beautiful maple countertop. Thinking you can’t get any brighter red than this?

4. Red with a Cherry on Top

The red is not my first choice for the kitchen, but for the people that love red this is a perfect match. The modern, industrial theme is interrupted nicely with the white, black and grey tones.

5. Not That Brave?

If going neon and candy seem to be a bit much for you, there’s still some hope for a bright kitchen yet. Accessorize with glossy and dazzling items, like these blue chairs or big colorful painting, to bring in the vitality.

6. Accent it Up!

Sometimes you don’t even need to touch the cabinets to bring some life to your kitchen. It could just mean slapping on some intense paint to get that once-plain wall singing brilliant and exuberant tones. Choosing some glossy backsplashes or putting some lights around, will give you interesting and fancy kitchen space.

7. Backsplash Away

If you don’t have a budget to change your kitchen cabinets or you just get bored with it, you can always change your backsplashes. Today, there is a lot of choices. You can choose between stone look, marble look, mosaic pattern, honeycomb pattern, and much more. Find your perfect match.

Get Inspired

Whether you want it bright from floor to ceiling, or only splashes of color here and there, I still can’t make you a better cook. But at least, your kitchen will look amazing, robust, and full of life.

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