7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Glass Mason Jars

7 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Glass Mason Jars

Who would say that this little piece of glass will become so popular? Our grandmothers and mothers used glass mason jars just for storing the food over the winter – for jams, honey, and similar, but today you can use mason jars for almost everything. Mason Jar can be a nice decor item for your home. There are so many ways to decorate your home using mason jars. You can buy it or create it by yourself. To DIY glass mason jars decorations, you will need some paint, maybe some of the tools, stickers, and other things depending on what you would like to create.

I will show you 7 finished glass mason jars ready to decorate your home.

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1. Wall Hanging Decor

Add a shabby chic touch to your home with these rustic glass mason jars with flowers and lights. You can use it in your hallway, kitchen, above firewall,… It brings harmony in your house.

2. Mason Jar Bathroom Set

Such a nice decor for any bathroom. These mason jars will make your bathroom look gorgeous. This set contain Foaming Soap Dispenser, Toothbrush Holder and Flower Vase.

3. Solar Mason Jar Lights

I want these for my backyard ? It’s ideal decoration since you don’t need batteries or electric power. You can decorate your backyard, balcony, fence or even inside space.

4. Mason Jars for Kitchenware

Why would not you use mason jars in your kitchen too. This is such nice idea for kitchenware. Organize your kitchenware little different than before, make it more attractive.

5. Mason Jar Cotton Ball/Swabs/Rounds Holder

One more idea for bathroom storage – organizer solution. Ideal for small shelves and small bathroom countertops.

6. Regular Mouth Glass Mason Jars

The spring is here and summer is almost here, so why wouldn’t you serve nice and cold lemonade or ice tea in these lovely glass mason jars!? There is no limitation on using this multi functional jars.

7. Small Mason Jars for Spices

These small jars are ideal for storing different things, like candies, nuts, spices… I’m using it for spices like pepper, dried basil, oregano…I have a small shelf in my kitchen just for these little cuties.

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