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8 Ways to Achieve Girly Bathroom Décor

Here are eight ways to achieve a beautiful girly bathroom, in which you can be the princess you have always wanted to be!

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Pretty

All too often interior décor insisted on being muted, subdued and, frankly, bland! If a color makes you happy, be it pink, sunshine yellow or soft baby blue – use it in your décor! Pink is a wonderfully soft color and it is also very calming – so you have a scientific reason for splashing around the pink in your feminine bathroom!

2. Decorate

Although bathrooms are small and usually jam-packed with all sorts of practical things, always try to make room for something frivolous and attractive: an ornament or two, a picture that makes you smile – something that does nothing but add to the aesthetic of the room.

3. Lighting Matters

Bright, harsh overhead lights are too strong for a bathroom, but at the same time, you need plenty of light to see your reflection by and also to banish any shadows (shadows in a bathroom can make it look gloomy, grubby and dated). Get around this problem by layering lights, from mirror mounted LEDs to wall-mounted sconces as well as that overhead bulb – this will help to diffuse the light around the room.

4. Speaking of Mirrors…

Every bathroom needs a large mirror, especially more compact bathrooms. Mirrors can visually double the space in a room, eradicating any hint of claustrophobic cramped-ness, and, of course, they are needed for checking your appearance! Choose as attractive a mirror as you can find or afford, opting for unusual shapes and frames to add something unique to your bathroom.

5. Accessorize!

Arrange a lovely accessory set around your bathroom, on the counter, vanity, or even on the basin. Keep it well-stocked with your favorite bathroom products and everyone who used the room is sure to feel pampered and envious of your great bathroom! Make sure your basin and other vanity units are well coordinated.

6. Say it With Flowers

Fresh flowers in the bathroom are almost overwhelmingly feminine. Invest in a weekly or twice weekly bunch or flowers – or grow your own if you can! – And see how this simple addition makes your bathroom’s beauty pop.

7. Smelly Joy!

Our sense of smell is the most primitive we have, being the first to appear and the last to go – just a hint of an old familiar smell can transport us back to a remembered time and place: something that the other sense cannot compete with! Play to your sense of smell even in the bathroom with a small bowl of potpourri, a discreet air freshener, candles or scented flowers. This will give your bathroom a pleasing fresh ambiance, sure to appeal to all.

8. Pamper Kit

Invest in some candles (in sturdy, stable containers!), a good bottle of wine, and a nice new book or music compilation. Fill up the tub, add bubbles and then sink in and relax! There is nothing more girly and pleasurable than enjoying a lengthy and extravagant soak!

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