A Must-Have Things To Have In Your Office

A Must-Have Things To Have In Your Office

As a business owner, I know how much is important to have a nicely decorated and functional working space.

No matter if you are working from home or you have an office in another location, you spend a lot of time working and using your working space. Since we spend sometimes more than ten hours working, is very important to make your space comfortable, inspired, and pleasant. When you are surrounded by the things you like, it will inspire you to be more creative, productive, and joyful.

Must-have things to have in your office:

1. Photos of your family

Having photos of your family on the working desk or hanging on the wall, will remind you why you are doing all that hard work. You will be more faster and productive because you will have the right reason – to go home and see them, right?

There are a lot of amazing photo frames that you can order online and make the photos more interesting, furniture matching, etc.

Design Tips:

  • if your furniture is black you can use golden or silver photo frames;
  • if your furniture is white you can use any of the colors you like (pink, blue, green…).
  • You can match your photo frame color with the color of your pillow, or vase, or other details that you have in your office.

2. Plants

A little green is always IN. It will give you a connection with nature and you won’t feel alone, surrounded by all other industrial-made stuff. If you choose the right plant and you take care of it of course 🙂 it will make your space more pleasant.

Design tips:

  • if your office is very large, you should use large/high plants. It could be a Pothos, Split Leaf Philodendron, Spider plant, or any other you like the most. You can use more than one plant.
  • if your space is small, it’s enough to place one or two small plants on your desk, shelf, on the wall, or at the window.

3. Organizers

I can’t live without organizers. I use it in all aspects of my life, in the kitchen, storage room, kids’ room…so why wouldn’t I use it in the office too?

Using organizers you can save a lot of space by sorting your papers, contract, office tools, bills, and all other stuff needed to run your business.

Design tips:

  • Organizers shouldn’t be boring. Make it more colorful.
  • Choose organizers based on your working space. Don’t buy large organizers for your desk if your desk is too small, because you won’t have enough space for work.

4. Framed Diplomas

Every business owner loves to show and share her success and there is no better way to I it than showing it on the walls of your office. I framed newspaper clips talking about my business, all certificates are also on the wall 🙂

No matter if you have only one or ten papers to be proud of, hang it on the wall and watch it every day, it will remind you that you are on the right way to making your dream come true and it will inspire you to move forward.

Design tips:

  • Don’t just hang it. Make some shape on the wall using those frames

5. Motivation Quotes

We are humans, and we all have good and bad days. One day I’m super excited, creative, and in the mood, but another day I’m asking myself why I’m doing this 🙂

I found a solution in motivation quotes. I have it on my computer screen saver and framed on my desk. You have to find the best motivation message that will resume with you and keep you motivated for success.

My motivation quote is:

Work Hard Today, Enjoy tomorrow!

6. Comfortable office furniture

I should not forget to mention office furniture. Comfy and stylish furniture is the best match.

Design tops:

  • If your furniture is all white, then add some colorful details like pillows, blankets, curtains…
  • match your white table with a colored chair
  • White desk and white chair – add colored chair cover
  • Play with it, make it fun.

The office should not be boring

We all do different jobs and run different businesses and no matter how you design your working space, the most important is that you are feeling great while spending time working.

I usually don’t follow the trends, I buy what I like and design it to my taste.

There are so many office designs that you can combine and make your perfect match!

Hope I helped you and encouraged your imagination to design your office based on your needs and wishes.

Visit my blog again because I will soon share my personal office photos. I’m redesigning it at the moment, so stay tuned.

Also, feel free to share your office photos, maybe you will inspire someone.

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