Bathroom Organiazers & Storage Solutions

Bathroom Organizers & Storage Solutions

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If you are looking for bathroom ideas to help you get organized, and with not much floor space in your bathroom keep reading 🙂

No one likes to have a messy bathroom. We always give our best to hide things from there. Instead of just hiding it, keep it organized and transform them to the decor.

Here are some of the storage and organizer solutions that you can use in your bathroom to get some free extra space and make your bathroom look more nicer.

1. Bathroom Storage Racks

The good thing with these storage racks is that you can combine them. If your bathroom is larger you can add as many you want. To make it look nice and interesting you can use different sizes like in the image above. The bathroom storage rack can be used for towels, accessories, and all other bathroom supplies.

2. Bathroom Storage Corner

This modern piece of bathroom furniture is ideal for small spaces. The good stuff about this rack is that you can move it easily from place to place. You can storage toilet paper, hand towels or other bathroom supplies.

3. Bathroom Rolling Cart

I like these bathroom rolling carts. It’s so easy to move it. I like to use it for the makeup and bath supplies in the bathroom. It could be used for other rooms in your house.

4. Organizer Over The Toilet

This is such a space saver. The space around the toilet seat is often unused, but with something like is this modern piece of bathroom furniture you get extra storage space and a nice bathroom feature.

5. Makeup Organizers

Never enough space for the makeup. This is one of the solutions you can use to organize your makeup in the bathroom or any other room when you keep your makeup on safe 🙂

6. Storage Baskets

So simple but so so helpful. I like to use these in the bathroom, in the storage room…everywhere. It’s ideal for sorting different things. YOu can find them in different colors so you can match them with your tiles, bathroom furniture, and other parts of your bathroom.

Hope you found what the best works for you. Keep in mind that even if it’s a storage rack or towel organizer, it should look nice and match your bathroom design. Combine colors, patterns and shapes, and enjoy your bathroom space.

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