Bring the Sea to Your Home - Nautical Decor Ideas

Bring the Sea to Your Home – Nautical Decor Ideas

The question for those who are not blessed with the house near the sea 🙂 Where was the last time you visited some sea coast? Unfortunately, I went a few years ago and this year is also under the big question because of the situation in the world and because we decided to rebuild our home (You can read more about that HERE) and I’m not sure if we are going to have time to go since we have to use all the summer sun we can.

Anyway, I like everything related to the beach, sea and nautical. I always use some of the decor items related to it. If you like nautical details like me, enjoy reading.

If you can’t go to some of your favorite beaches, then bring sea to your home.

Nautical Details: driftwood, shells, rope, glass bottles…

Nautical Style Colors: ocean blue, white, blue, beige and rustic tones

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1. Nautical Wall Decor

One of the ways to decorate your home with nautical decor details is to use some of the wall decor items. You can use photo frames, 3D framed nautical details, and many more. I really like this Rustic Beach Decor with 3D Anchor, Lighthouse, and Ship Wheel.

2. Sea Lighthouse Tea Light Holder

Light up your home with this so cute sea lighthouse tea light holder. This is amazing piece of decor because you can use it in your interior, exterior or any room in your house. The perfect touch for your nautical home.

3. Bathroom with Nautical Details

Why you wouldn’t bring a little sea touch to your bathroom!? There is a plenty ways to do that. You can add towels with nautical print, bath curtain, jar filled with shells, etc. Every decor item can be found to match your nautical design.

I found this toothbrush holder. It’s so cute. Instead of toothbrushes, you can hold your makeup brushes or anything else.

4. Beach Signs

I adore signs. There is something cool about them. Driftwood is Timeless. It brings some rustic wooden touch to your home. The signs like this one you can hang on the door, on the walls or it would be a nice feature to your kids tree house.

5. Nautical Jewelry Box

How we can’t mention jewelry boxes nautical themed. There is never enough of boxes, not just to hold your jewelry, but you can store other items too. Boxes like these bring beach vibes in your very own home and bedroom. Even if you don’t have any other nautical details in your home something like this will fit in. This would be a perfect gift for those who just decorating their home and love nautical items.

6. Ocean Air

Now you can even bring ocean air to your home! I just found this amazing jar candle. I didn’t try something like this yet. Leave a comment if you tried it and share your thoughts with us. This will certainly give unique home fragrances.

7. Bedspread

If we want to decorate our home with nautical/sea details, we shouldn’t forget our bedroom and bedspreads. Soft, warm and comfortable bedspreads for a cozy nights. Decorating with a nautical flair has never been easier.

Hope you get inspired to go and decorate your home with nautical details. You don’t have to exaggerate with details but few items and right set of colors will make your home perfectly decorated.

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