Buy a New House or Renovate an Old House – My Story

A few years after we get married, my husband and I moved from his family house into a rented house. We wanted to have more space and more privacy. We really enjoyed spending time together with our son in that house.

When I was a little girl I really dreamed of my new house full of love, fun, and joy. I dreamed about a garden full of flowers and exterior details. As you maybe know when you live in a rented house you are very limited to make changes and adjust the house based on your needs. You can’t go and break the wall to make more space, you can’t plant and tree in your backyard…or maybe you can but what’s the point when you will move out one day.

Now, it’s time to have our own place for making a new memories. I have so many ideas and I can’t wait to start 🙂

From the last year, we thought a lot about our options. Firstly, we wanted to go and buy a house but then my husband inherited the house from his grandfather. The house has been neglected all these years and it’s going to be an investment to make it functional and nice for living. We should change almost everything, from the floor to the roof. This made us a step back in thinking so we start over.

As we counted, we need the same amount of money to buy a new house (which probably would need some modifications too) and to renovate the old one.

Anyway, we decided to go with the renovation and here is why we decided that:

1. More space

The old house is big enough for us and with our new flooring plan, we will get even more space.

2. Layout as we Want

We don’t like the house inside layout as it is now so we will completely transform the inside space and make it functional for us. The kitchen is going to be bigger, we get one more room…

3. Inside Setup

When you go with the full renovation as we do, you are able to make everything as you want. In the new house you already have tiles, flooring, backsplashes, etc. installed and you can’t change it as per your desire (except, if you go into the reno).

4. Neighborhood

All our friends live in the same street so we are going to be together again- There is no need to write more about this point right 🙂

5. Money Saving

Since we have a house, we don’t have to invest money for buying one so we can just invest in making it perfect for us. My husband knows a lot about house renovations, house constructions, installing the floors, and other features, and we have a lot of friends ready to help 🙂

These are some of the reasons why we decided to go with the house renovation. This is our story, I don’t want to impact your decision because we all have different budgets, wishes, and desires.

Just think out of the box. If you don’t know how to renovate your house or how to make it better and don’t have a vision of how your house could look like, try to contact some professionals and follow their advice.

I will share all the updates once we start with the renovation so follow me and look for new posts. I cant wait to start 🙂

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