Buy New or Restore Old Furniture – Before & After

Buy New or Restore Old Furniture – Before & After

From time to time, we like to make changes in our homes. We like to make our home more pleasant and comfortable for living. Some of us like to follow interior design trends. Luckily or unfortunately, I don’t follow those trends strictly. I always go with something I really like and feel comfortable with.

I like DIY projects and making things look better. Often I like to go with furniture restoration too but sometimes is difficult to decide between buying new furniture and restoration of old ones.

Here are some tips to help you decide:


Quality furniture costs more money than low-quality furniture pieces. If your old furniture is high quality I would definitely go with restoration. Why? Because if you have a limited budget for a new piece, the question is if you can buy the same quality as your old one. I’m sure you don’t want to buy new furniture that will break in a few months.

Which makes the furniture quality:

  • High quality material from which it is made (high quality hardwood, stainless steel …)
  • Wood should not be rotten or damp
  • That there are no cracks
Nightstands Makeover
My nightstands makeover

Nightstands Makeover – Before and After


This is a very important thing when we get to do the question: “Buy new or Renovate old?”. If the furniture you already have is too small for your needs you will probably go with buying a new piece of furniture, especially if we talk about drawers or some type of storage furniture. What you can do in this situation is to try to reuse your old furniture by changing the purpose of that piece of furniture or using it in another room.

This is a great example of reusing your old piece of furniture.

Furniture Condition

There is a lot of things that could be replaced or fixed, like paint, handles, shelfs…but there is also things that you should pay attenction too. Don’t try to repaint the wood that is damaged or rotten. Damaged wood part should be replaced or fixed first. Rotten wood parts should be replaced. You should estimate how much your furniture is damaged and is it worthed to work on it.


We should not forget the budget for furniture makeover. Sometimes restoring old furniture can be expencive, but in most cases it is cheaper then buying a new one. Again, it depends on what kind of work it asks to be done. If it just repainting or making a small change it’s cheap but if you have old vintage furniture which should be restored by furniture restorer it could be really exhaustive.


Any type of work requares some kind of skills including furniture restoring. I’m sure we all know how to sand wood or repaint, but even to do that you must know how to do it right. There is a lot of tutorials where you can learn particular skill needed for the particular tasks you would have to do to make your furniture look amazing.


I woild like to see your work, so feel free to send me your before and after images. Leave it in a comment or Contact me.

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