DIY Dried Orange Decorations

In this blog, we talk about how to dry oranges and how to use them for Christmas home decoration.

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How to dry oranges:

  • Cut the oranges into thin slices (4-5 mm).
  • Dry them a little with a cloth, and arrange them in a shallow pan in which you have previously put baking paper.
  • Dry at 100°C for about 3 hours
  • Turn the orange slices from time to time so that they dry on both sides at the same time.
How to dry oranges

You can also dry other citrus fruits such as lemon or grapefruit in the same way.

How to dry oranges

You can use dried oranges to make Christmas ornaments and decorate your home.

Here are some ideas:

Decorating the Christmas tree

Thread a thread or twine through the dried oranges and hang them on your Christmas tree:

Decorating the Christmas table

Decorate your holiday table using dried fruit. You can use the example from the picture.

Wrapping Christmas presents

Use your dried oranges to decorate the gifts you bought for your loved ones.

Making a Christmas wreath

Of course, what kind of home decorating would it be if we didn’t make a wreath for the door? An Advent wreath made of dried fruit, cinnamon, cones, etc. is simply beautiful.

Making a Christmas wreath

How do you like the ideas? Do you dry fruit… write in the comments.

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