DIY Furniture Makeover with Wallpaper

DIY Furniture Makeover with Wallpaper

There are so many ways to transform your old and boring furniture into a unique art piece. You can use decoupage technique, simple paint or you can even transform your furniture using wallpaper.

Play around with the colors and patterns. Make your furniture unique and be proud of your piece of art.

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How to use wallpaper for furniture makeover?

  1. Clean all your furniture of all dirt.
  2. Make sure the furniture is totally dry.
  3. Measure twice before you cut. Start with we smallest pieces before you go with a big one.
  4. Use Self Adhesive wallpaper. It’s easier especially if you are doing this for the first time.
  5. Try to use Removable Wallpaper, because if you don’t stick your wallpaper right, you can always do it again. It’s also a great choice because you can change the wallpaper pattern again, and you will have a new piece of furniture again and again.

Furniture Makeover – Find Inspiration

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