Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Countertops

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Countertops

There are so many ways to decorate your kitchen countertops. What you have to do first is to remove everything from your countertops, remove everything that you don’t need or use at the moment. The countertops should look as clean and elegant as the rest of your house. If you have lovely, modern, or expensive countertops I’m sure you don’t want to hide it behind all that kitchen stuff. There is a lot of ways to keep things you need on your countertops but try to hide them inside a nice and modern decor item. Let me show you some lovely useful but decorative kitchen countertops decorations.

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1. Tea Bag Holder

Save space inside your kitchen cabinets by placing your tea bags in this beautiful tea bag holder. It’s useful and lovely decor detail for your kitchen countertops.

2. Coffee Cups Stand

Make some space for your morning routine. My morning starts with a cup of my favorite drink – with a coffee. I’m sure you would like to have a beautifully decorated space just for your coffee mugs and creamer cups.

3. Cereal Dispenser

Easy way to store and use your cereal, and at the same time to make your kitchen look clean and organized. With this one, your kids can make you a breakfast 🙂

4. Kitchen Sink Organizer

Maybe you would say that this is not a decoration, but it helps to make your kitchen look more cleaner and organized. Your kitchen sink will stay empty and clean which is our goal here. This is one useful item that can be decorative too.

5. Decorative Fruit Bowl

Fruit or vegetable bowls don’t have to be boring. GO and pick your color; choose between black, white, red, gray, or green. For dark kitchen countertops choose light colors and for light countertops of course choose black and dark colors.

6. Rustic farmhouse mason jar

What is a kitchen without flowers, right? Bring some colors and spring to your kitchen with these rustic farmhouse mason jars.

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