How I Clean My Microwave

My microwave is not so fancy as the microwaves you can buy in the stores today, but I keep it clean and it’s never let me down. This is the simplest way that I’m using to clean my microwave and it takes really small amount of time and efforts.

One note before we start…this way of cleaning is not so much effective for a very dirty and greasy microwaves. Maybe you will need to repeat the process for few times before you see the progress.

Anyway, this is what I used to clean my microwave:

  • Half of the lemon
  • A cup
  • Dishwashing sponge
  • Wet wipes
  • Spray bottle

Here is the process:

1. Clean the leftovers

First, clean the leftovers which can be inside of your microwave. I often find popcorns inside 🙂

2. Half of the Lemon

Take half of the lemon, squeeze it and make lemon juice. In the cup, I put the lemon juice together with what is left from the squeezed lemon.

Heat in the microwave for one/two minutes. The time depends on your microwave. When you see the steam you can turn it off – this would mean that it’s hot enough. The lemon juice will melt all the fat from the inside.

The plate from the inside of the microwave wash under the warm water as usual.

3. Dishwashing sponge

Now, take out the cup with the lemon and take the dishwashing sponge. Clean the microwave from the inside. You will see how smooth it will be to clean it.

4. Let’s clean it from the outside

I use the same lemon juice to clean my microwave from the outside. So, make sure your juice cooled down, pour it in the spay bottle with a little water. Not spray the your microwave from the outside and wipe it with wet wipes.

As I said, for very dirty microwaves, try to repeat the process few times until all fat is melted.

The lemon will make your microwave fresh and clean. This is a natural and cheap way to clean it, and it works for me.

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