How to Decorate Shelves in the Living Room

How to Decorate Shelves in the Living Room

Usually, the living room is the largest space in our house and we always take extra efforts to make it look nice, cozy, and pleasant for spending time with our friends and family.

Often, we know how to decorate the living room with our favorite furniture but when it comes to decorating with small details, we get a problem.

Sometimes less is more, so we have to be careful with decorations. We don’t want to make the living room space look crowded.

If you have your favorite small details, collection of books, or travel souvenirs, that you want to show in your living room, the best way is to get shelves for the walls or empty corners and spaces in the living room.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate shelves in your living room…

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SpringSun 5-Tier Ladder Corner Shelf is a perfect shelf for filling empty wall corners. It’s ideal for small decorations or books.

Corner Floating Shelves are a lovely addition to your living room walls. You can place it above the corner sofa and make full use of the space.

Black Floating Shelves with multiple options on how to install them on the wall. Black shelves always look modern and elegant in any space.

These Floating Corner Shelves come in a set of 6 which gives you a lot of options on how to place them on the wall.

Hexagon Floating Shelves are created for small details or plants. These rustic shelves are the perfect choice for small spaces.

If you like rustic and industrial style, you will love these Rustic Floating Shelves. Since they are small, you can place it anywhere in your living room, even beside the TV.

Very decorative wood floating shelves fits any style. These shelves will look lovely in any room in your house.

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