How To Decorate Your Home Using Wallpaper

How To Decorate Your Home Using Wallpaper

The wallpapers are coming back! I’m not a fan of wallpapers on all house walls, but I do like wallpapers on some specific room areas.

How to choose wallpapers:

  • Make sure your wallpaper matches room style (traditional, romantic, casual…)
  • Feature one wall, or cover all four walls but be very careful with pattern and colors.
  • Choose largely patterns – If you’re wallpapering for the first time small patterns can be difficult to match up in repeat.
  • If your room is bright you can add some colors with wallpapers. On the other side, if your room is dark and you have dark furniture, use bright wallpapers.
  • Choose a color and pattern wisely. A room without patterns can be boring, while a room with too many patterns can cause restlessness.
  • Hide flaws with texture patterns
  • Future some space around the furniture.

Besides the wall, there are so many ways to use wallpaper to decorate your home. Keep reading…

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1. Bedroom

In the bedroom, if you stick wallpapers on the wall behind the bed, your bed will stand out and give a final touch to your bedroom.

Select some of these bedroom wallpaper

2. Kitchen

Today, we can buy waterproof wallpapers, so why don’t use them in the kitchen too. Tiling can be expensive, and once you set up new tiles or backslashes that’s it, but with wallpapers, you can change your design more often. Changing the kitchen often means changing the backslashes, so wallpapers can save you time and money. Choose waterproof and removable kitchen wallpaper.

3. Bathroom

Why spend too much money on special designed tile when you can simple use waterproof wallpaper!? You don’t have to place wallpaper on every bathroom wall, but you can stand out some of the bathroom space, like behind the mirror, organizer…

4. Furniture Makeover

As i said, there is so many ways to use wallpaper, one is to refresh your old or boring furniture pieces.

Read More…

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