How to make Roses from Napkin

How to make Roses from Napkin

In this post, I bring you a very simple tutorial on how to make napkin roses and decorate your table.

Table decoration is extremely important when welcoming guests because it leaves a very good first impression at the very beginning of lunch or dinner.

How to make Roses from Napkin

A nicely decorated table is something that you should definitely pay attention to and invest a little effort in order to start socializing and have an additional topic for conversation.

In addition to beautiful plates and cutlery, it is necessary to add some beautiful decorations. I bring you an idea of how to decorate glasses with napkin roses.

How to make Roses from Napkin


Napkins and glasses

Procedure for making Roses:

Fold the napkin in the middle twice to get a strip.

Roll the tape and gather it in a circle, something like when you put up curtains.

Gather a green napkin around the resulting rose, and just put it all together in a glass.

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