Lava Lamp – Project for Kids

Lava Lamp – Project for Kids

If your children are curious and like to explore, like my son, then this will be a great project for them, but I believe for the parents as well.

We are always fascinated when something lights up, has a different shape, and especially when we ourselves cause some reaction by combining some ingredients.

We all remember the lava lamp, which we can still find in some stores.

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My son and I played a little this weekend and made our lava lamp.

To make a lava lamp you need:

  • 2 dl of oil
  • 1 dl of water
  • food coloring (a few drops)
  • effervescent tablet (we used magnesium effervescent tablet)

you can add a double measure of oil and water to make the effect of the lava lamp even more visible and effective.


Pour water and oil into a deep glass container (glass), and add cake coloring and an effervescent tablet.

Enjoy the lava lamp effect!

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