Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids

How to combine playing with learning? How to play with children and teach them something new at the same time?

The answer is learning games.

How to choose learrning games for your kids:

By age

By child interests:

-If you see that your child has some talent help him express it with an adequate toy (musical instrument, etc.)

-If your child is creating choose some creative games

-For children who like gardening, choose gardening games

-For children who like animals, choose learning games that involve animals.

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1. Orboot Earth

Interactive App Based AR Globe For Kids is a great way to learn more about our beautiful planet. Since we are living in a tech world and kids use tablets and phones more often, this would be a great way to make them learn while they are online.

There is so much to learn and explore using this amazing globe. It’s very interactive. This award-winning educational toy is more than a toy. Take your kids on a journey and enjoy Planet Earth.

It will also look cool on a kids working desk.

  • Kids Age: 4-10

2. See & Spell, Shape & Color Recognition Game

One game with more than one learning activity. Using this game, your child will learn to match colors and shapes and spell words.

  • Kids Age: Preschool/Kindergarden 3-6

3. Recycle Rally Board Game

If you want to learn your child how to recycle the trash and get new skills, this game is the one. Besides recycling the kids will develop problem-solving, thinking, and strategizing skills.

  • Kids Age: 8-12

4. Money Activity Set

If you want to learn your kid to use the money in the proper way, this can help you. Learn them how to pay for groceries, how to make a change…

  • Kids Age: 5+

5. Drawing Projector Table

For the kids who love to draw and also for those who want to learn, the Drawing Projector Table is an amazing feature to learn and upgrade their drawing skills.

If you want it in Pink color, find it Here

  • Kids Age: 3+
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