My 8 Tips For A Clean And Tidy Home

My 8 Tips For A Clean And Tidy Home

I have this feeling for a long time now…We have all the machines to do some jobs for us, to make it faster but we still do not have enough time to do all the job and take some time just for ourselves. We have dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, steam cleaners, etc. everything that supposed to help us and save your time and efforts. When I talk to the girls, they often think they’re just spinning in a circle every day.  

Being a mom, entrepreneur, employee or whatever, takes a lot of time and effort especially when you have to take care of your house all by yourself. I’m giving you some of my routines and tips on how to keep your house clean as much as possible.

1. Less is the best!

Over time I go through all my drawers, closets, and shelves to make a big clean. Everything that we didn’t use for a while or it’s worn out, or things that might be broken, I sort it for recycling, donating, and for trash. That way I release space for new things and make it easier to find what I’m looking for.

On the shelves, nightstands, or any other surface try to have as less things as possible. You will save time on cleaning. It’s easier to dust from a few things than tons of stuff you don’t even need. Your home will look more elegant and cleaner if you put only a few selected decoration details.

2. Don’t leave it overnight!

Everything you can do before going to bed, do it! I always put the clothes in the washing machine, dirty dishes in the dishwasher… I like to drink my morning coffee without thinking about what is left to be done from yesterday. You will get overwhelmed if you have to take care of the things from yesterday and regular today’s cleaning obligations.

3. Get organized!

For example, If you have only one shelf in the bathroom of course your bathroom will look really messy. For making your bathroom organized check my blog  BATHROOM ORGANIZERS & STORAGE SOLUTIONS. There is so many organizing and storage solutions that will save your time and efforts to make your home look neat.

Your makeup doesn’t have to be everywhere, buy yourself makeup holders and sort it to look organized. For the pantry buy storage baskets for different things where you can sort things for making cookies, things for cooking, kitchen towels, and all other usual stuff you store in this room. For food and spices, you can use different jars with labels on them.

4. To Do List

You can make To Do list day before or in the morning while you are drinking your morning coffee. This method I use at work and in my home routines because it helps me stay organized and I can’t forget what I should complete for each day. On the top always put things that should be done for that day, the things that are priorities. At the bottom of the list put things that maybe can wait and if you not finish it you can always leave it for tomorrow. You will be surprised how fast you will do the things from the list and it will feel happy for completing all those tasks.

5. Clean more often

If you clean more often you will avoid hours and hours of cleaning your home. The tasks will accumulate and you will feel more stress and fatigue.

6. Clean as you go

In the morning, after you get up take care of your bed. After the lunch take care of the dirty dishes instead of leaving them in the sink. I have a habit of washing the sink when I wash my face and brush my teeth.  While you cooking, when you get a few moments use it for cleaning the mess that is left after you peeled vegetables. Put things away where they belong.

7. Empty your dishwasher

Before every cooking, empty your dishwasher so you will have space to put a new dirty dishes after the cooking and having the lunch.

8. Done is better than perfect

Don’t force yourself to make everything  look perfect! No one is perfect so houses can’t be perfect too. When you get more motivated try to clean your oven to sparkle ?

Try to follow some of these rules and I hope you will enjoy your home and you will be brave enough to call your friends to come over more often. It’s not a big deal you you didn’t found the time or efforts to move those coffee mugs from the table. Put yourself and your family to the first place.

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