Pink Color Decor Inspirations

Pink Color Decor Inspirations

I have prepared three amazing pink color decor inspirations. Depending on what is your decor style, I hope you will find some inspiration and ideas on how to include pink color into your home interior design. Of course, the room doesn’t have to be all in pink. You can combine pink with white, gold, velvet and similar light colors.

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Pinky and Elegant

For this combination, I have chosen this lovely elegant chair with golden legs and soft fabric. It suits most decoration and occasions, such as living room, bedroom or office. The pink pillows with a golden triangle pattern match the chair colors.

A cute pink coffee maker is ideal for making coffee and enjoying sitting and relaxing in a comfortable chair. Marble ceramic planter as an additional decoration item that brings more colors (when you plant your favorite flowers) into the room.

A pink Yankee candle is in charge of the amazing scent in your room.

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Pink Flower Inspo

For this combination, I get inspiration from the flowers. A cute chair with a modern touch will make an impression on any visiting guests. Multifunctional piece of furniture – storage, ottoman, dressing chair, makeup stool, and even coffee table. The wooden coffee table, it’s not pink but works perfectly with the flower patterns since flowers and wood are part of the nature that surrounds us.. Pillows in the rose shape.

I have added this amazing handcrafted lamp. It’s a unique piece that is functional and at the same time lovely decoration. Also, butterfly wall sticker decor works perfectly with any flower decor.

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Cozy Pink Decor

How to make your space look cozy and inviting? Choose soft fabrics, comfortable furniture and small vintage details. What is cozy home without comfy and soft blanket 🙂

I have selected this lovely pink wallpaper with floral pattern, cozy pink couch for living room and farmhouse wooden coffee table.

Essential oil diffuser is for a smelling house and aromatherapy. Will all need this after a busy working day. It’s always a great filling to come home and relax. The filling is much more effective when the home is cozy and inviting.

When we are at the inviting thing, I have added this cute cupcake stand in so lovely pastel colors. The best way to treat your guest is to serve your best cupcakes, right?

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