Refresh Kids Room on a Budget

Refresh Kids Room on a Budget

Kids always need something new to get their attention and occupation. As you know if you buy them a toy today, for how long they will play with it? All of us love to be proud of our clean and modern house, the same is with the kids. They also love to have fancy room to show it to their friends. Maybe they’re not so excited about cleaning the mess in the room but…

I’m sharing with you some tips on how to refresh kids room and make it interesting again.

1. Walls

You don’t have to paint the walls in the kids room but you can make it look more fancy and attractive. You can use wallpapers for a whole or part of the wall. Also, there some great stickers you can use for the walls. This would cost you less then $10 but you will get a great effect.

2. Photo Frames

Depends of which one you would like to buy but some simple photo frames cost from 5$ per pcs. What I do is to buy a photo frames and then using my printer, I print my sons favorite illustrations (usually – tanks, cars, dinosaurs…). This way I can often change it when I refresh my sons room and it won’t cost me extra money.

from my sons room

3. Carpet

If you have an old carpet or it’s not so proper for the kids room, consider changing it. You can find some lovely carpets for the kids room from $20. It will transform kids room totally.

4. Kids Bed Set

My son loves Star Wars so I bought him a bed set with the Star Wars print. You can choose the print of your kid’s choice. There is so many to choose from 🙂

5. Toys Storage

This is very important part of kids room – toy storage. When you buy a good and large enough toy storage, the room won’t look messy and it will be easy for the kids to make their toys. Depending on how much toys your kid have, you can choose between shelves, toys organizers, chest or storage bins.

6. More Details

Beside all these main changes you can add much more low cost details like wall clock, wall signs, curtains, book shelves, and other amazing details. There is a lot of choices today and you really can make any room look amazing with small amount of money. Sometimes it’s not all about the furniture, it’s about the small details.

These are some of the simple kids room makeover tips. Hope, I have inspired you to make some changes to surprise your kids with an old – new room.

If you want to share your kid’s room design please send the details HERE.

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