Take a Peek Into My Garden

Take a Peek Into My Garden

If there is something that I really like and enjoy, it’s nature and everything related to nature. When spring comes it’s like something wakes up inside me, and everything I want is to be outside. Maybe it’s because of my office job, I don’t know, but only I know it’s that I like my backyard and my garden.

Garden relaxes me and I enjoy all those colors, smells, and tastes.

Like everybody, I also have a marketplace and local shops with fruits and vegetables, but I always like the feeling of going into my garden to pick the freshest and most fragrant vegetables that I can find for my family and myself.

Here are some pictures of my garden taken this morning…

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Peach Tree

We call it “Vineyard peaches”. These types of peaches are very disease resistant and can be obtained from plant seeds.


We have two grape sorts, Chasselas and Merlot.

Apple Tree

I don’t know which type of apple tree is this one that we have, but it’s great for making apple pies.

Cherry Tree

This cherry is sweet. I adore making organic cherry juice for winter, but to be honest we always drink it before 🙂

The picture is taken this morning so there is no fruit anymore, we picked it already.

Fig Tree

Not sure why, but I’m not a big fan of fig tree, but my son loves it and that is enough reason to plant it into my garden.

A useful thing for your orchard


Ohhh how we like tomatoes 🙂 I prepare tomato juice for winter. I prepare delicious meals using tomato juice including tomato soup.

Pepper – Paprika


We use it mostly for the salad, but if I have extra cucumbers I put them in the jar for the winter.


No matter how much I’m trying to find baby potatoes, I can’t find what I’m looking for. The potatoes that I buy at the market, it’s not even close to the baby potatoes from the garden.

A useful thing for your garden


There are so many delicious meals that you can prepare using zucchini. We love fried zucchini with mashed potatoes as a side dish.

I hope you enjoyed walking through my garden. I will update you when everything is ripe and ready for harvest.

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