Teapot Stove Oil Warmer - Candle Holder

Teapot Stove Oil Warmer – Candle Holder

I adore this little thing. My home smell so nice and pleasant, and it’s a nice piece of decoration on my living room table. You can place it on a coffee table, kitchen countertops, dresser,…It’s very simple to use, all you need to have is your favorite essential oil, little water, and tea lights. You can use unscented or scented candles for a more intensive scent.

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Here is how I use it.

1. Place a little water

2. Add a few drops of favorite essential oil

I love flower scent, orange, vanilla and similar cute sweetness scents.

3. Place a tea light – candle

At the moment I use strawberry scent tea light candles.

All you need is:

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